Cheltenham with Enzo

It’s been one of those days. I got up very early to get ready to drive to Newcastle to get a train to Cheltenham to do a gig with Enzo Rocco, my Italian friend who plays guitar.

After the gig I had to get on a train back to Newcastle to then get in my car and drive back home. I’ll get home about 2am.


Because I am a git.

Well actually it is because I have a gig in Wales Friday and I am leaving to head south on wednesday and either I stayed down south all week or came back straight after the gig and I chose come straight back. That is why I am a git cos right now I could be tucking into a really nice Italian meal at the Pirandello but instead I am trapped on a Virgin train with no buffet car till york and in any case I have to move carriages at York cos they are splitting the train even though  my seat is reserved to York it is in the half of the train stopping at Birmingham (not to mention the kerfuffle on the way down).

The gig was cool. The soundcheck was actually wonderful and the drum kit was a wonderful silver sparkle effect premier which sounded really beautiful in the church style venue. I really enjoyed playing Enzo’s tunes again.

The audience was very healthy. It is difficult because the gig was billed as being funny and that always creates an expectation which may or may not be satisfied. It is a full on gig (see the bad review on my myspace page) which is not to everyone’s taste. I think we left some of the audience a bit bemused but it is a lot of fun and we are really going for it. I use a lot of toys and objects on the drums – dusters, plungers, hacksaw, squeaky toys, a baby etc (not a real baby – ed.).  Playing free is all about dealing with a question mark – ie why play, why are we playing, is what we are playing genuine or bullshit. It is difficult because sometimes you are not sure and certainly many people think no matter how well you play free music it is all bullshit which it definitely isn’t. I think you expect to play some stuff that is better than other stuff in any one gig and hope to get really in ‘the moment’ and that it will flow and feel natural.

I just found out also that Hollie at Cheltenham had booked me a room in the hotel and right now I could be oh I am repeating myself…..

I am banking on there being a buffet car after I have to move carriages in birmingham….

I will keep you posted. I had a few beers before and after the gig so I may pass out without food. There’s nothing like being drunk and hungry on a train.

I am doing the train thing cos you get several hours uninterrupted to get on with stuff and on the way down I worked on the image for the brochure for the fringe version of Kidsamonium.

I am in it twice: in human form and  in  cartoon form….

Seeing as I wrote this on the train I need to add in the final part of this story. I sat in first class because I needed power for my laptop and this really cool guard guy ( who initially looked like he was going to bust my chops) left me to it and kind of ‘forgot’ to charge for an upgrade. Then at Leeds I had 5 minutes to go and get some food and it all ended up with me sprinting (like a giant hippo) up and down some stairs and along the platform while he shouted encouragement as the train was about to leave. I just made it. This happened again at another station as I tried to eat more food later on. The trip ended up with me running out of petrol on the A68 south of Jedburgh (bank holiday after 11pm – no garages open). Got home about 4 am. I definitely am a git…..

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