Ghana in Scotland

Been an incredible few weeks. So many incredible gigs and experiences…. Been a real privilege to travel round scotland with these fabulous musicians and dancers. PLUS very professional and positive guys to work with. Last two nights did gigs with the special needs schools in and both times the kids were just sensational. Last night did a free duet on djembe and handbell with a kid called steven that was fucking amazing intense free improv. Never going to do an education project again without an ASN element. Here is sad farewell at airport

Tom & Daouda Jam 1

Tom Bancroft & Daouda (Labouzo) from Mali jam on djembe and bodhran in Kokrobite, Ghana.

I hung out a lot with Daouda on my second trip to Ghana and learnt a lot from him and he was also a very open musician and interested in doing things like this.

When I went back to Ghana Daouda had gone back to Mali and I had no way of contacting him.
So one of these days I am planning a trip to Mali to find Daouda...

Daouda - if you find this please get in touch!