Photo of Trio Red performing

Trio Red

“Complex, twisting, percussion-powered episodes are played like a rougher, brawling Brad Mehldau band... It's a shot-in-the-dark venture that turned into a world-class trio in a week.” CD Review in The Guardian ****

Trio Red features 3 innovators from 3 of the most vital jazz scenes in Europe. Between them they have played a key role in some of the most groundbreaking signature groupings in their home scenes over the last 15 years, as well as playing with a wide range of global music greats including Sun Ra, Peter Gabriel, Bugge Wesseltoft, Hamid Drake, Martyn Bennett, Geri Allen, Satoko Fuji...

Live performances feature the musical approach presented on the new CD, material like a mash up of Joan Armatrading and Ornette Coleman, a Jeff Buckley cover and some of Tom Bancroft’s original compositions mixed up with very accessible melodic and rhythmic improvised pieces where the focus is on interaction, empathy and compelling collective musical storytelling. Trio Red have played at the London Jazz Festival, Islay Jazz Festival,

Aberdeen Jazz Festival, Shetland Jazz Festival, toured supporting the Yellowjackets perfomed at many venues across the UK and will be featuring in the Made in UK Program at the Rochester Jazz Festival in the US in June 2015.

For more information contact Tom Bancroft on or +44 7974 983701.

CD Reviews

riveting set... complex, twisting, percussion-powered episodes are played like a rougher, brawling Brad Mehldau band. Cawley is inspired.... Zanussi's majestic..It's a shot-in-the-dark venture that turned into a world-class trio.The Guardian ****

this great new trio... bursts with creativity... Cawley’s soloing is a delight throughout... slow deliberation... through to pyrotechnics... brings this beautiful album to a fitting conclusion... BBC Music Website


Live Reviews

"Trio Red, a simply stunning ensemble…..They are, in turns, challenging and accessible - master musicians and improvisers in true jazz style…….Astounding is the only word that applies however." Shetland News 16/2/13

“Trio Red were one of the outstanding acts booked for the Haddo Arts Festival 2014. Their playing was crisp and imaginative; stealing the show completely. They had our audience enthralled; both those experienced in the world of jazz and those comparatively new to the genre.  The audience reaction stood testament to this - an overwhelmingly positive response in all our feedback. Trio Red were a delight to host; they responded quickly to emails and were helpful, polite and friendly at all times. I would recommend them unhesitatingly to other promoters - a great night will be had by all!” Alice Dennis, Haddo Arts Festival 13/10/2014

Scottish Jazz & Beyond: 13th -17th August 2019 Edinburgh

A showcase of 3 of Scotland's leading jazz groups that cross-over into other genres including Scottish traditional music and Indian Classical music.


Tom Bancroft's In Common featuring Sharat Chandra Srivastava (violin)  and Gyan Singh (tabla)  from India,
and on vocals Gina Rae, and Sophie Bancroft

                                "this is vividly colourful music ****" The Scotsman

Graeme Stephen's The River featuring leading traditional fiddler Chris Stout from Shetland

                                     "Brilliantly realised...outstanding success" The Herald

Fergus McCreadie Trio Scotland's up and coming jazz piano star  
                                                                           BBC YOUNG JAZZ MUSICIAN OF 2019 FINALIST

Hear tracks and see videos from each band below:

Between them these musicians have received  3 Scottish Jazz Awards, Young Scottish Jazz Musician of the Year, BBC Young Jazz Musician of the Year Finalist,

BBC Jazz Award for Innovation, Creative Scotland Award, Herald Angel etc etc

The project will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

August 13th - 8-10.40pm The Queens Hall, Edinburgh: Each band plays a 40 minute set in one concert in one of Edinburghs's premier and beloved top-of-the range concert venues 

August 14th - 16th 1-4pm Pianodrome - Each band plays a longer set in separate concerts in a unique 100 capacity music venue built out of up-cycled pianos, beautiful, funky and cool.

August 16th & 17th 6.30-10.30pm Out of the Blue Each band plays a longer set in a cool 80 seat capacity space near the centre of Edinburgh.

This project has Made in Scotland funding from Creative Scotland.


If you are an international festival or promoter this means that if you come and see the project in the fringe the bands can get travel support to come and perform for you in your country.

Audio Tracks:


Photo of Playtime Collective


This group performs every fortnight at The Outhouse Bar in Edinburgh featuring the core group of musicians: Martin Kershaw, Graeme Stephen, Mario Caribé, and Tom Bancroft.
It has grown since beginning in 2014 into essential listening on Edinburgh's live scene with a constant range of well attended creative gigs from entirely improvised concerts through to tribute nights to great composers like Charles Mingus and Kenny Wheeler. Most weeks there are guest musicians featuring established and up and coming musicians from the Scottish music scene and beyond which have included Steve Hamilton, Phil Bancroft, Laura MacDonald, Kevin MacKenzie, Pete Johnstone, Julian Arguëlles, Rachael Cohen, Chris Greive,  George Burt, Phil O’Malley, Brian Kellock and more. Follow Playtime on twitter for updates on the latest gigs.
The Playtime Trio (Martin Kershaw, Graeme Stephen, and Tom Bancroft) - has released a limited edition live CD of an entirely improvised concert called Tangential Excursions available here.
Photo of Go Get It

The Go Get It Trio

"a beacon of original, ambitious and brilliantly realised music” - The Herald
This new project is co-led by Tom Bancroft and Graeme Stephen and represents a joining of forces of two of Scottish jazz’s most individual bandleaders.
Look out for new recordings and concerts. The Go Get It Trio features Mario Caribé on bass and is part of the Playtime Collective that plays fortnightly in Edinburgh.


  • Photo: Louis De Carlo
Vincent is an experimental/improv/noise project featuring Satoko Fuji (piano) Una McGlone (bass) and Tom Bancroft (drums, loops). Vincent + adds in Graeme Stephen on guitar.

An CD is in production.

Photo of Bancroft Di Castri

Bancroft Di Castri Group

  • Photo: Marc Marnie

This project emerged from an informal meeting at Edinburgh Jazz Festival when legendary Italian bass player Furio Di Castri (ex Chet Baker, Paul Bley, Tony Oxley…) s sat in with Trio Red.

That chance meeting evolved into this group which has performed at Turin and Edinburgh Jazz Festivals and has a CD in production.
Featuring Tom Bancroft (drums), Furio Di Castri ( bass) Jacopo Albini (sax & bass clarinet) and Graeme Stephen (guitar). 

In Common

In Common

** In Common has been nominated for Best Album in the 2019 Scottish Jazz Awards - vote here **

Strip away the surface features and jazz, electronica,  Scottish traditional music and Indian classical music all share:

  • drone,
  • groove & rhythm, 
  • collective and individual improvisation, 
  • melodies and scales/raags, 
  • vocal rhythmic patterns.
This new project by Tom Bancroft starts with the bodhran and the tabla and a drone,
adds Indian Classical Violin and improvising jazz guitar,
and continues adding layers and voices from different traditions,
 in a creative new project that focuses on the common ground

between Scottish music, jazz, Indian music and electronica.
Sharat Chandra Srivastava (violin), Gyan Singh (tabla), Tom Bancroft (bodhran & drums),
Graeme Stephen (guitar & loops), Sophie Bancroft (voice),
Gina Rae (voice), Inge Thomson (voice & electronics).

Press for In Common 'Love & Stillness":
This fusion of jazz, Indian and occasional Scots traditional music… is vividly colourful music, the opening …somewhere between Indian chant and nursery rhyme...while the 9/8 pipe tune … is scarcely recognisable, subsumed into rich, Shakti-like guitar and violin deliberations over bodhran flurries…. a highlight is Flower Child, with its guitar and violin prelude shifting into Bancroft-beaty mode and powerful guitar work from Stephen.**** The Scotsman - Jim Gilchrist
“Fascinating cross-cultural project…is a very appealing listen – full of action and yet beautifully calm and reflective.....Master musicians...This is a CD to really listen to all the way through – the whole collection is a journey into somewhere else.Love & Stillness is well-titled. For all the speed and energy of the musicians, the whole thing has a beautifully restrained quality which presents us with a delightful opportunity to breathe in, feel the world in harmony and enjoy the moment.” London Jazz News
"Its a rich mix with violin, tabla, guitar and bodhran....It's also a trance piece, very yoga, 
something for the whirling dervish in you. At times it trips out, spaces out and expands all the way into the 
depths of the universe. Flavours of psychedelic soul and funk are sprinkled in."  Vanguard Online

"Bancroft …. has created something extraordinary here….a truly intriguing 
seventy minutes of mellifluous music."  All About Jazz

“exquisite harmonies - tabla and bodhran take over with chanting in the background creating a feeling of 
mysticism and meditation….full of interest and innovation.....very interesting and enjoyable…...wonderful.”  
                                                                                               Sandy Brown Jazz

“Sometimes they smoulder….but at their most animated ...the group reach out across radically different traditions. 
Echoes of Miles Davis and strands of Celtic folk are interwoven with Srivastava’s violin 
and Singh’s tabla …and scat flavoured vocals add subtle shadings.” Sunday Times

PIE performance


PIE: Pathhead Improvised Experimental

PIE stands for Pathhead Improvised Experimental and is a series of concerts held in Pathhead village hall and curated by Tom Bancroft and Martin Green (Lau).
Guests have included: Satoko Fuji, Natsuki Tamura, Usurper Trio, Adrian Utley (Portishead), Raymond MacDonald, Brian Irvine, Yazz Seznec, Rhian Thompson (CKDH), Kate Young, Inge Thompson, amongst others…

To be informed of the next PIE, join the PMC mailing list


UNST is an improvising group featuring Neil Davidson (guitar) Una McGlone ( bass) Sue McKenzie (sax) and Tom Bancroft (drums).

CD in production.

Grit Orchestra

The Grit Orchestra is an 80 string orchestra founded by Greg Lawson featuring Scotland's leading classical, jazz, and folk musicians which was formed to play the music of the late Scottish musical genius Martyn Bennett.

Tom played with Martyn extensively in the mid 1990's - with Martyn playing in Tom's projects (including the Multi Story Karma Park where Martyn met Michael Marra) and vice versa.

Tom also played Martyn's compositions for many years in a wonderful project with Mr McFalls Chamber that also featured Greg Lawson and James MacKintosh.
This resulted in a CD recorded for Delphian Records.

Tom is a member of the 3 man drum and percussion section of the Grit Orchestra with James MacKintosh and Iain Sandilands.