“I met two brothers called Bancroft. They’re good.” Sun Ra in The Guardian
“the most instinctive powerhouse drummer on the Scottish Jazz scene"  David Keenan, Sunday Herald

"an uproarious set calling on complex themes in the vein of Gil Evans, Sicilian Wedding bands, all get out funk, and a fine sense of Scottish mythology" The Independent 1990 reviewing Orchestro Interrupro
"the most complete mix of invention and originality" The Times reviewing Trio AAB
"a simply stunning ensemble.....They are, in turns, challenging and accessible - master musicians and improvisers in true jazz style....... Astounding is the only word that applies ."   Shetland Times reviewing Trio Red

“superb atmospherically grooving...a close sense of rapport and organic dialogue between the musicians...a highly enjoyable set that strikes a happy medium between playful curiosity and deep groove.” Jazzwise **** reviewing Trio Red

“riveting set... complex, twisting, percussion-powered episodes are played like a rougher, brawling Brad Mehldau band. Cawley is inspired.... Zanussi's majestic..It's a shot-in-the-dark venture that turned into a world-class trio in a week.”  The Guardian **** reviewing Trio Red
“Tom Bancroft is by far the most exciting, innovative, inspiring music educator I have come across.  He thrills children of all ages with his wacky, funny ideas and top quality music.  He captures the imagination of all his audience, from the very tiny, to the teenagers, to the mums and dads and grannies and gets everyone involved – even the, stroppy, ‘I’m not gonna do that rubbish’ 14yr old boys ended up joining in and having fun at one of the Kidsamonium performances I saw.  Our young jazz players loved working with him and learnt a lot."   
                                                                                   Gill Walsh, Youth Ensembles Co-ordinator, The Sage Gateshead