In Common

Strip away the surface features and jazz, electronica,  scottish traditional music and indian classical music all share:

  • drone
  • groove &rhythm, 
  • collective and individual improvisation, 
  • melodies and scales/raags, 
  • vocal rhythmic patterns.
This new project by Tom Bancroft starts with the bodhran and the tabla and a drone,
adds Indian Classical Violin and improvising jazz guitar,
and continues adding layers and voices from different traditions,
 in a creative new project that focuses on the common ground

between scottish music, jazz, indian music and electronica.
Sharat Srivastava (violin), Gyan Singh (tabla), Tom Bancroft (bodhran & drums), Graeme Stephen (guitar & loops),
Sophie Bancroft (voice), Gina Rae (voice), Inge Thomson (voice & electronics).